Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who knows where the time goes...

While I will admit to having a great number of wonderful personality traits, I must also confess that there are several traits of which I am not so proud. In the top five, I'd have to place procrastination.
I am not sure where all procrastination comes from, nor do I know any effective way to deal with it.
Right now, I'm suffering with an episode of avoidance procrastination. As much as I love teaching there are some aspects of the job that are detestable, most notably is the steady river of paperwork. I'm not exactly the most organized person around, despite what my friends may think, and maintaining order in a mountain of papers is near Herculean. This problem is exacerbated when I feel that the paperwork is either meaningless and/or redundant.
So two tote bags sit at my feet. One bag contains the cumulative folders for my students that require my putting in entering and exiting dates and actual days present at school (my very least favorite part of this particular task). The other contains yellow and blue tissue paper for making decorations for the 5th grade culmination.
So I suppose that I'll complete the less odious of the two and create some paper flowers. Procrastination wins, but not a major victory.