Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just another Sunday...

It was just another Sunday...
Two cranky dogs whining to go outside and smell the grass, a hamper full of laundry, the Sunday Times, and a pot of coffee.
It was just another Sunday...
Well, at least until shortly after noon.
That's when one of my neighbors came in to borrow my phone saying that two men broke into his apartment and robbed him.
My usual Sunday laziness was overtaken by a sense of dread. I didn't necessarily feel frightened, just not my usual laid-back Sunday self. Something had become very wrong in my otherwise cozy little world.
I know that many of my friends are concerned about my neighborhood (emphasis on that last syllable), but it felt safe...I know my neighbors and they know me. I know which car belongs to which person, the Sunday paper is always laid out on the walkway awaiting me, the steady stream of traffic is familiar, and I rarely lock my door while I'm not away from home.
Tonight, the dead bolt is secured and so is the security bar that my brother installed some time ago. Looks like I'll be sleeping with one eye open.
And so with that, I bid you all goodnight, sweet dreams, and safe slumber.
Oh, incidentally, if you happen to be a burglar, I'll be sleeping softly and carrying a Louisville Slugger!