Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday sonata

The day is drawing to a close. Time for a cup of tea, a brief walk with the beasties, and perhaps some knitting.
It was a fairly peaceful day, started early with a visit to my classroom to start the end of the year clean-up and packing. I tend to think of myself as rather disorganized, so I work very hard to put things away in an organized manner so that I can find things when the new school year begins. Currently, the room looks horrendous with several boxes worth of books spread across the rug so that I can re-pack them according to theme.
Then it was off to Michael's to pick up some blue yarn to make a gift for my mother. Naturally, because I was thinking about what color she might like best, I had to call her.
As always, I got into a rant about my employer, the Los Angeles Unified School District. Once again they've acted in self-interest and posted solicitations for several non-classroom employees as they make enormous cuts into the classrooms. The students, obviously, are the lowest spending priority in Los Angeles.
Then it was off to restock my 'supply' of Origins moisturizers. I spent nearly three times as much as I had hoped to spend and came away with only one thing more than I had intended to buy. I guess if I wish to present my best face to the world that it ought to begin with glowing skin.
Finally, it was on to Whole Foods. Again, I had to restock. This time it was several bottles of GT Dave's Kombucha elixirs. While I don't know whether they are doing me any good, I want to believe that they are and so I am experiencing the ever popular, self-fulfilling prophecy.
Well, the kettle awaits and so I say goodnight and wish everyone sweet dreams...