Friday, January 6, 2012

Organize or Die Trying

Okay... I did tell my friends that I was going to get organized this year or die trying, but tonight it came a little too close to a reality.
So far, I've been very good about giving things away to people who can make good use of them. I set a goal of saying goodbye to one large bag of things weekly. Today alone, I parted with 5 bags!!!
So I decided that I had earned some new storage to replace a wobbly open shelf.
I went to my local craft store where they were having a 50% off sale on storage pieces. I selected three 3-drawer pieces and a wheeled base unit. I brought in the first of the 3-drawer chests and began to assemble them.
In all the excitement of assembling new storage, I didn't notice that it had an off smell. Excuse me, let me make that accurate, an AWFUL smell. It was like a pungent toxic mix of acetone based nail polish remover and gun cleaner. Either can make you ill... together? Better storage space or not, I think breathing is preferable to organization.
Tomorrow, I am off to return the units and try again. Maybe something or good old fashioned wood.