Monday, January 2, 2012

Crafting in a Tiny Space

About a month or so ago I watched a woman on television. I tuned in because she was listed as an organizational specialist. She said a few things that made a bit of sense (don't keep things that you don't use, put things where they belong, etc). But then she said something that made me wince.
Essentially, she said that if you have limited space then scrapbooking was not a good choice of hobbies because it requires several supplies. WHAT??? Because I don't have 2,000+ square feet I should take up stamp collecting? Her suggestion was absurd. While you have to adjust your hobby to your space, you shouldn't give up your passion because of cramped quarters.
I confess that I am completely addicted to crafting materials. I love tools, paints, polymer clay, fabric, yarn, and did I mention paper? I am obsessed with paper of every size, color, texture, weight, and pattern. I'm reasonably certain that if I piled up my paper stash it could be an NBA power forward. I guess I don't need to tell you that this is problematic when you share @ 800 square feet with a brother and two dogs.
Since I resolved months ago to spend more time creating, my journey of 1,000 miles is going to be organizing my supplies. This is going to require sorting through the wreckage, donating supplies to a senior center, and designating spaces for whatever I will keep.
If I don't blog again for a long while send in search and rescue.