Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Maybe Just Another Cut...

I am loving my online Stamp Carving class. Now, when I can't sleep I pull out my carving tool and go to work on another stamp.
Monday's class was about creating a chevron stamp. This time I followed Julie's carving pretty closely. The carving went smoothly so I decided to ink and stamp it.
First I stamped a shipping tag in basic black... it was okay.
I then took a few postage stamps that I had previously painted with iridescent watercolor... it was a little better.
It just didn't quite work for me.
So I decided to test it with one of my 'go-to' techniques; watermark ink dusted with Pearl-ex. It definitely improved things.
The results are fairly nice, but it just isn't quite working for me yet.
I guess it's 'back to the old drawing board' ...