Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Accidents

Sometimes, serendipity sets in. I was trying to make a card to express the idea that 'love is in the air'.
I immediately thought of soft billowy clouds and a translucent rainbow.
As I thought about the clouds, I wondered what would look soft and billowy. Flocking came to mind, but I wasn't certain that the fuzziness would come across.
I tried to think about papers that might convey billowy, when I came across a package of adhesive backed white mulberry paper. Mulberry paper has long fibers that give it a soft effect when torn so I began stamping white hearts which I then embossed with a sheer holographic powder.
Then a happy accident occurred... I removed the protective white backing paper to reveal something I had not remembered ~ mulberry paper is translucent!
My clouds looked soft, billowy, and airy.
I don't know if love is in the air, but serendipity surely was!