Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The secret of life...

One of my favorite songs is sung by Faith Hill, it's called The Secret of Life.
The lyrics are :
the secret of life is getting up early,
the secret of life is staying up late,
the secret of life is try not to hurry, but don't wait, don't wait.
the secret of life is a good cup of coffee,
the secret of life is keep your eye on the ball,
the secret of life is to find (be) the right woman,
the secret of life is nothing at all, it's nothing at all...
I suppose that one of the other secrets is forgiveness, beginning with forgiving one's self.
Being repeat season, I got the chance to see Dr. Wayne Dyer on the Ellen DeGeneres show. His new book is called Excuses Begone!
As I listened to him speak, I realized just how hypercritical I am about myself. It made me wonder, have I always felt this way about myself? Or is this because I am finding myself feeling less in control of my life and consequently, more overwhelmed?
If I rationalize to myself, I can find validation and yet, it seems so hard to internalize and make what I know become how I feel.
I suppose that once I commit this blog to the world, I'll regret how self-indulgent it seems. But for now, I'll hope that someone stumbles across this posting and perhaps feels less alone in their own self-doubts.
And on that note, I bid goodnight and sweet dreams to all.